Winterwood Timber Frames is a small, highly skilled group of people dedicated to being the premier timber frame company in Central Vermont.  Great communication skills and attention to detail are among our greatest assets.  We believe that our clients deserve to be listened to and cared for as we go through the many phases of a building project.  You won’t ever feel that your opinions are not being heard.

We specialize in traditional Vermont architecture where form and function go hand in hand, and every building is designed to fit naturally into our New England landscape.  Paying homage to the skills of our early settlers, we incorporate many of their time-honored joinery techniques as we precisely cut and fit the massive pine timbers.  We maintain strict tolerances in order to provide our clients with the highest quality frames which are as beautiful as they are strong.

Energy efficiency is a critical component for most as we develop the design of your new home.  We use Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) which provide a fantastic envelope of insulation that is wrapped around the outside of your frame, minimizing heat loss and cold infiltration.  The window and door square footage ratio is designed to meet Energy Star requirements, Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) systems are incorporated in the mechanicals package, and a variety of water-based heating systems are encouraged.

As members of the Timber Framers Guild, we constantly challenge ourselves to learn and update our skills and techniques. We also run an apprentice program designed to introduce new people to the tradition of timber framing.

We buy logs from local farmers and loggers who practice sustainable forestry techniques, milling the logs into specific timbers for each building. Land owners often call us to come have a look at their trees and harvest only those that satisfy our high quality standards.  We also have close relationships with many local subcontractors who, when necessary, can help complete the many components of our buildings, broadening the impact on our local economy and allowing for a more efficient building process.

In addition, we are:

  • Committed to local natural resources (logs/sustainable forestry/green economics/rural landscape).
  • Dedicated to and skilled practitioners of the art and craft of timber framing.
  • Builders of homes and other structures that will last for generations with care.
  • Concerned for our local, rural economy. We try to encourage a “buy local” concept with our own purchases.
  • Believers in using hand tools and ancient methods of building, not in using highly automated and mechanized equipment.
  • Employers of local craftspeople.
  • Committed to our clients needs, easy to work with, flexible and open-minded.
  • A small company able to address clients’ particular needs in designing their custom home.
  • Offering design services, CAD drawings, and project management to make the job of home building as smooth as possible.