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Architectural Woodworking

Elegant Design & Woodworking
Our Architectural Woodworking services complement and enhance our home building and design offerings. As an extension of our design services, we create stunning custom woodwork tailored to fit any home design, reflecting the unique character and aesthetic of each space.

Local Lumber, Lasting Beauty
We remain committed to our local environment and economy by prioritizing locally sourced lumber for our woodworking projects. By choosing Winterwood you not only receive exceptional craftsmanship but also contribute to the sustainability and vitality of Vermont’s forests and communities.

Artistry in Every Detail
Our skilled artisans carefully craft each piece of architectural woodwork, ensuring that it seamlessly integrates with your home’s design. From intricate moldings to elegant cabinetry, our woodworking adds a touch of warmth and sophistication to your living space.

A Commitment to Sustainability
At Winterwood we believe in responsible resource management. Our low-waste system ensures that wood cutoffs are repurposed to heat our shop, while sawdust is used by local farms. This approach minimizes our environmental impact while maximizing the value of our materials.

Our custom furniture, cabinetry and finishing work blend harmoniously with our home building and design offerings. Together, we’ll create spaces that are both functional and beautiful, embodying the essence of Vermont’s natural resources and craftsmanship.

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